We started our construction work and are well on schedule with completion planned for autumn 2019 to spring/summer 2020. Right on time for summer by the lake.

We hope there will be no unexpected delays and will make every effort to ensure completion on time.

Yes. A lake house (on the harbour and those with garden) becomes 100% your property upon purchase. The land and the house belong to you. You can furnish, arrange and use it in any way you like.

You can live in your lake house as much as you want, or you can rent it out to whomever you choose. The choice is yours. It is after all your property.

The purchase price includes a communal share of the Seestraße (Lake Road), which is shared with the other home owners.

Our concept is "ready to finishing". Underfloor heating, windows, doors, light switches, jetties and the like are included in the purchase price. Electrical, gas and sanitation pipe installations are installed for you to select whatever interior you choose.

You can choose and install the floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, etc. to suit your taste, needs and preferences.

You may also want to choose our optional extras such as air conditioning and open fireplace - and now your new home is ready to move in!

Our architects have put a great deal of thought into the interior design and have numerous ideas, and are happy to help your create your dream house. Depending on your design plans and budget, you can purchase your house in one of three stages of completion: ready for finishing, turnkey or fully furnished. The price of the house will be determined by the completion stage chosen. 

The buyer shall acquire ownership of a plot of land and the house built on it. The road will be communally owned by all buyers of lake houses. 

Please respect that only the specified details in the contract are legally binding. 

A tax refund in this case is only possible if you plan to rent out your lake house on a permanent basis. Special requirements by the Austrian Tax Authorities do apply. Please ask your tax advisor.

The purchase agreement is subject to the Property Development Act. The purchase agreement will be drafted by the law firm Ferner Hornung & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Salzburg, which as a renowned real estate and commercial law office has our full confidence. The notary Dr Karlheinz Halbritter, Neusiedl am See, shall act as the fiduciary pursuant to §12 of the Property Development Act (BTVG). The cost of drafting the contract and fiduciary management shall be invoiced to the buyer as a flat rate added to the purchase price.

Contracts drafted by:

Ferner Hornung & Partner
Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Dr Konrad Ferner

Hellbrunner Straße 11

5020 Salzburg, Austria

Fiduciary pursuant to § 12 BTVG:



Dr Karl Heinz Halbritter

Seestrasse 2

7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria


Additional costs:

Additional costs not included in the purchase price:

•       Real estate transfer tax 3.5% of the purchase price

•       Land registration fee 1.1% of the purchase price

•       Contract drafting and fiduciary management costs together a total of 1.5% excl. VAT and cash outlays

Payment will be made in installments in accordance with the stage of completion of the construction work and the installment plan, which is regulated by law. The fiduciary will manage your money. Your fiduciary will appoint an independent appraiser who will verify that each construction stage has been completed and only after careful inspection will release the respective installment.

Your right to claim the agreed legal entitlement is also guaranteed in the land register. And the Property Development Act (BTVG)

Our homes are officially classified as recreational property and thus can be used as a second home.

Any EU citizen is eligible to buy these properties as a second home and make use of it as he or she pleases. Non-EU and EEA citizens require a permit to purchase property in Austria, which must be obtained from the land transfer office.

The plots are designated under the current planning scheme of the Neusiedl local council as a BF-Building Development for holiday homes. The lake villas may therefore be used as a weekend and holiday home, but not as a main residence. However, like many regions in Austria, no main residence is necessary.


Most or the lake houses have a roofed garage where you can park one car. For additional cars, you can buy an extra parking space at a nearby parking lot when purchasing your house. This space will be assigned for your use only and will therefore always be available to you. 

Lake houses with a garden do not have a garage. Owners have the option of purchasing two parking spaces at a nearby parking lot.

Subject to availability.


The ARCHITECTS  HALBRITTER & HILLEBRAND ZT GMBH are responsible for the design and planning for Am Hafen .

Herbert Halbritter & Heidemarie Hillerbrand have long experience in construction & housing in the Lake Neusiedl region. They have a renowned architectural office in Vienna and in Neusiedl am See.

Their signature style is timeless, elegant, modern architecture. This can be seen in their numerous residential projects in the region as well as in Vienna. They work for selected clients and always find innovative perfectly designed solutions.

see reference projects at www.h2arch.at

Please feel free to contact us at any time via email, phone or text message.

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