Lake lifestyle. Variety. Home.

Sky and water touching each other. As far as the eye can see.

Have you ever dreamed of living right by the lake? In a lake house or apartment looking out onto the water with stunning lake views. Or of enjoying a relaxing holiday by the lake. At Am Hafen, the region offers plenty of activities for all ages to enjoy.

Perfect destination for all seasons. Am Hafen is the ideal home from home.

Enjoy life on the lake throughout the year. Whether summer or winter, sun or snow, or gentle breeze. The possibilities are endless. Experience the beauty of all the seasons

Spring: Enjoy pleasant sunshine.

Summer: Take a cool dip in the lake waters.

Autumn: Pleasant walk through colourful forests.

Winter: Spend cosy evenings in front of the fireplace overlooking the lake.

Neusiedl and the surrounding region. Varied landscape. By the lake, yet central.

Am Hafen is a destination where culinary, culture, tradition and style all meet.

Sport at Lake Neusiedl. Everything is possible

On the lake. Watersports. On land. Golf.

You can enjoy an endless variety of sports at Am Hafen.

Historically a glamorous destination

Lake Neusiedl 100 years ago

Neusiedl am See enjoyed great popularity among visitors from all over Central Europe. Chic beach cafés, marina and ..

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UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001

Excursions. Bird watching. Photo safaris. Nature adventures. Unique landscape. Protected. Alpine, Pannonian, Asian, Mediterranean and Nordic ... 

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The region has many historic places of interest. For example, Burgenland's draw wells. These can be seen around the countryside. Preserved for prosperity. Historically, found in the area around the lake. In former times, the wells served as thirst quenchers for Puszta cattle. The water for the cattle was fetched using a wooden bucket and a counterweight. 

Food & Drinks 

Enjoy meals by the lake.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner on our large terrace right on the lake.

Enjoy a variety of food and drinks around the lake. Restaurants, lakeside bars, cafés, shops and bakeries.

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